About Us

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A unique collaboration of partners in hospitality, technology and sophisticated capital. This consortium is collating and transforming a network of marina-based hospitality experiences into world-class travel experiences for boaters and terrestrial travelers alike. We are redefining the 21st century marina hospitality experience.

The TPG Marinas Mission

Our mission is to lead the marina industry in both quality and consistency while leveraging the opportunity to broaden the hospitality experience for land-based travelers seeking world-class, nautically based, destinations and experiences. And concurrently, drive notable returns on investment for its stakeholders while providing advancement and growth opportunities for its teams.

The TPG Marinas Concept

To strategically seek out and acquire existing marinas and marina destinations for redevelopment and transformation into a synergized network of high-quality boating destinations. These marinas will be complimented with upland amenities and resources that create best-in-class hospitality experiences with aligning levels of return on investment.

The TPG Marinas Experience

With a 168-hour approach, each and every member of the TPG Marina Team understands that we work for the Guest every hour of their stay, providing anticipatory service that is complimented with quality systems and well managed facilities. TPG Marinas will lead the marina and hospitality industry in its approach, its style, and its reputation.

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